2015-16 Team Expected Effective Field Goal Percentage Allowed

Expected Effective Field Goal Percentage (XeFG%) is defined as the percentage of shots a league average player would successfully make depending on the type of shots a player attempts.

Expected Effective Field Goal Percentage Allowed (DXeFG%) utilizes the same formula, but it is used to gauge efficiency on defense rather than offense.

For example, centers tend to have higher DXeFG% values than guards because they guard other centers who shoot inside of the paint more often, where the league average percentage is obviously higher.

Therefore, a player’s actual Effective Field Goal Percentage Allowed (DeFG%) can be compared to their DXeFG% to determine if they’re performing above (negative +/-) or below (positive +/-) expectation.

The same values can be calculated for all 30 teams by adding up the totals for each of their players.

For a more detailed explanation, read our article here.

This table has been finalized after the 2015-16 regular season.

Atlanta Hawks50.98%47.90%-3.09%
Boston Celtics50.67%48.70%-1.97%
Brooklyn Nets51.98%53.48%1.50%
Charlotte Hornets50.73%49.71%-1.02%
Chicago Bulls50.84%48.60%-2.24%
Cleveland Cavaliers50.80%49.57%-1.22%
Dallas Mavericks50.86%50.59%-0.26%
Denver Nuggets51.37%51.43%0.07%
Detroit Pistons50.40%50.42%0.01%
Golden State Warriors50.72%47.93%-2.79%
Houston Rockets51.66%51.53%-0.13%
Indiana Pacers51.22%49.00%-2.22%
Los Angeles Clippers50.53%47.92%-2.61%
Los Angeles Lakers51.16%52.28%1.12%
Memphis Grizzlies51.36%51.78%0.42%
Miami Heat50.68%48.63%-2.05%
Milwaukee Bucks52.09%51.02%-1.07%
Minnesota Timberwolves51.72%52.56%0.84%
New Orleans Pelicans50.96%52.28%1.32%
New York Knicks50.90%48.65%-2.25%
Oklahoma City Thunder51.29%48.40%-2.89%
Orlando Magic51.43%51.32%-0.11%
Philadelphia 76ers51.15%50.94%-0.21%
Phoenix Suns51.17%52.39%1.22%
Portland Trail Blazers50.61%50.42%-0.19%
Sacramento Kings51.15%52.17%1.03%
San Antonio Spurs50.36%47.67%-2.70%
Toronto Raptors51.06%49.69%-1.36%
Utah Jazz51.04%49.62%-1.42%
Washington Wizards50.85%51.61%0.76%