2015-16 Team Expected Effective Field Goal Percentage

Expected Effective Field Goal Percentage (XeFG%) is defined as the percentage of shots a league average player would successfully make depending on the type of shots a player attempts.

For example, centers tend to have higher XeFG% values than guards because they shoot inside of the paint more often, where the league average percentage is obviously higher.

Therefore, a player’s actual Effective Field Goal Percentage (eFG%) can be compared to their XeFG% to determine if they’re performing above (positive +/-) or below (negative +/-) expectation.

The same values can be calculated for all 30 teams by adding up the totals for each of their players.

For a more detailed explanation, read our article here.

This table has been finalized after the 2015-16 regular season.

Matt Bryant81.80%95.24%13.44%
Aldrick Rosas*87.49%96.97%9.48%
Jason Myers*82.77%91.67%8.90%
Robbie Gould88.26%97.06%8.80%
Wil Lutz84.88%93.33%8.45%
Dustin Hopkins82.27%89.66%7.38%
Josh Lambo84.35%90.48%6.13%
Justin Tucker+85.01%89.74%4.73%
Jason Sanders86.13%90.00%3.87%
Ka'imi Fairbairn84.51%88.10%3.59%
Harrison Butker86.48%88.89%2.41%
Greg Zuerlein86.09%87.10%1.01%
Daniel Carlson80.01%80.95%0.94%
Matt Prater86.59%87.50%0.91%
Adam Vinatieri84.73%85.19%0.45%
Ryan Succop86.80%86.67%-0.13%
Mason Crosby81.63%81.08%-0.55%
Greg Joseph85.73%85.00%-0.73%
Randy Bullock83.65%82.61%-1.04%
Sebastian Janikowski82.89%81.48%-1.40%
Brandon McManus81.52%80.00%-1.52%
Jake Elliott85.63%83.87%-1.76%
Stephen Hauschka80.64%78.57%-2.07%
Stephen Gostkowski87.56%84.38%-3.19%
Brett Maher84.01%80.56%-3.45%
Chandler Catanzaro87.78%80.00%-7.78%
Cody Parkey85.85%76.67%-9.18%
Dan Bailey87.17%75.00%-12.17%
Chris Boswell84.35%65.00%-19.35%