Expected Field Goal Percentage (xFG%)

Expected Field Goal Percentage (xFG%) is calculated by a model that takes into account 12 different variables in order to try to create an accurate representation of the NFL field goal. Every field goal attempt can be assigned a probability using this model. A kicker’s xFG% can then be calculated and compared to their actual FG% to see if they are performing above (positive POE/PAA) or below (negative POE/PAA) expectation.

For more on xFG% and the variables used to calculate it, read about it here.

On this page, you can see the full cumulative xFG% data from 2009 to 2019.

xFG%: The FG% an average kicker would be expected to have on a specific set of attempts

POE: The difference between FG% and xFG%, or a kicker’s field goal percentage over expectation

PAA: How many more/fewer points the kicker generated than expected.1

  1. Credit to Jacob Long for this metric