2017-18 Defensive Points Saved

Total Points Saved (TPS) is a defensive metric defined as the number of points a defensive player prevented their individual matchup from scoring versus expectation.

Defensive Points Saved (DPS) is defined as Total Points Saved per 100 possessions.

If Player A defended Player B for 17 possessions and was expected to allow 24 points (calculated based on a variety of different factors pertaining to the skill of the offensive player and the situation) and instead allowed 22 points, Player A saved two points over 17 possessions. Player A’s TPS (Total Points Saved) would just be two, while their DPS would be (2 / 17) * 100 or 11.76.

The original article on DPS can be found here.1 You can also check out this article on how DPS can be calculated with Python.

This table has been finalized after the 2017-18 regular season.

  1. Since the release of this article, the NBA has drastically changed the way they calculate individual matchup data. As a result, the scale for DPS is far different than it used to be.