Adjusted Passer Rating

In 1971, passer rating was created as a way to crown the league’s annual passing leader. While the metric sufficed the league’s needs in the 1970s, its flimsiness is extremely apparent in an age with more advanced statistics being used than ever before (for an explanation on why traditional passer rating is not a good metric, read our article here).

To¬†improve upon the nearly 50-year-old system, we created Adjusted Passer Rating. It fixes many of passer rating’s glaring formulaic flaws while also accounting for the era; ratings are based on league average passing statistics in the relevant season. The scaling is more intuitive as well; 0 and 100 are the minimum and maximum values respectively, while 50 is league average.

For more on Adjusted Passer Rating, click here.¬†This article describes the strengths and weaknesses of this metric — it’s important to understand these before misusing Adjusted Passer Rating.

For our Adjusted Passer Rating calculator, click here.

The search tool can be used to find all qualifying quarterback performances in a given year (e.g., search “1994” for all QBs from 1994) or to search for every season of a particular quarterback’s career (e.g., search “Drew Brees” for every season of Brees’ career).

PlayerYearAdjusted Passer Rating
Peyton Manning200485.58
Roger Staubach197185.52
Dan Marino198483.98
Bert Jones197683.07
Aaron Rodgers201180.80
John Brodie197080.12
Nick Foles201379.61
Tom Brady200779.33
Steve Young199278.71
Ken Stabler197678.41
Joe Ferguson197678.09
Randall Cunningham199877.95
Steve Young199477.68
Ken Stabler197477.57
Craig Morton197077.18
Mark Rypien199177.16
Joe Montana198977.16
Kurt Warner199976.98
Steve Young199176.51
Ken Anderson197576.28
Peyton Manning201375.92
Joe Montana198475.92
Dan Fouts198275.60
James Harris197675.20
Bill Nelsen196874.75
James Harris197474.47
John Hadl197374.41
Matt Ryan201674.33
Earl Morrall196874.12
Boomer Esiason198873.65
Earl Morrall197273.65
Roger Staubach197773.25
Peyton Manning200573.22
Philip Rivers200973.02
Brian Griese200072.97
Drew Brees200972.96
Steve McNair200372.82
Tom Brady201672.72
Tom Brady201072.51
Peyton Manning200672.34
Aaron Rodgers201472.20
Bob Griese197172.20
Kurt Warner200072.05
Ken Anderson198171.93
Patrick Mahomes201871.88
Dan Marino198371.71
Sonny Jurgensen197471.62
Ken Anderson197471.39
Trent Green200071.30
Sonny Jurgensen196771.17
Pat Haden197771.14
Vinny Testaverde199871.10
Dave Krieg199471.09
Daunte Culpepper200471.06
Steve DeBerg199070.93
Jim Hart197670.84
Steve Young199370.49
Donovan McNabb200670.46
Steve Young199770.39
Tom Brady201170.37
Fran Tarkenton197670.20
Drew Brees201170.18
Roger Staubach197970.18
Joe Theismann198370.12
Dan Fouts198170.12
Philip Rivers200870.06
Fran Tarkenton197470.02
Donovan McNabb200469.89
Dan Fouts198369.83
Fran Tarkenton197369.77
Damon Huard200669.48
Jim Kelly199069.41
Roger Staubach197869.33
Roman Gabriel197369.31
Chris Chandler199869.29
Drew Brees200669.26
Drew Brees200469.05
Chad Pennington200269.04
David Garrard200769.03
Tommy Kramer198668.89
Bernie Kosar198768.88
Peyton Manning200368.85
Jeff Garcia200068.85
Billy Kilmer197468.84
Drew Brees201868.79
Warren Moon198868.73
Ron Jaworski198068.73
Bert Jones197768.73
Billy Kilmer197368.69
Virgil Carter197168.41
Kurt Warner200168.37
Roman Gabriel196768.37
Aaron Rodgers201368.36
Ken Anderson197368.33
Ben Roethlisberger200568.30
Carson Palmer201568.19
Dan Fouts198568.14
Johnny Unitas196768.09
Troy Aikman199367.91
Joe Namath197267.86
Greg Landry197167.86
Boomer Esiason198667.79
Bart Starr196867.73
Dan Fouts197867.70
Brett Favre200967.68
Bob Griese197367.66
Warren Moon199067.65
Dan Marino198667.62
Billy Kilmer197267.56
Jim Hart197467.54
Steve Young199867.52
Boomer Esiason198567.50
Daunte Culpepper200067.48
Terry Bradshaw197867.47
Philip Rivers201067.42
Peyton Manning200067.40
Fran Tarkenton197567.36
Bob Berry196967.33
Roger Staubach197367.17
Tony Romo201467.13
Brian Sipe198067.06
Joe Montana198767.05
Don Meredith196867.05
Jay Schroeder199067.01
Norm Snead197266.97
Peyton Manning201266.89
Mark Rypien198966.79
Sonny Jurgensen197066.79
Fran Tarkenton196766.75
Matt Schaub201166.73
Tony Romo200966.71
Carson Palmer200566.66
Philip Rivers201366.61
Aaron Rodgers200966.54
Jim Everett198966.54
Len Dawson197166.50
Ken O'Brien198566.47
Trent Green200366.39
Andy Dalton201566.37
Bob Griese197566.35
Peyton Manning199966.24
Dave Krieg198866.13
Brett Favre199566.09
Joe Ferguson197566.08
Dan Marino198766.05
Troy Aikman199565.98
Peyton Manning200965.92
Matt Hasselbeck200565.90
Jared Goff201765.89
Erik Kramer199565.85
Brett Favre200165.83
Roman Gabriel196965.83
Bob Griese197765.81
Jim Hart197365.80
Bert Jones197565.72
Troy Aikman199865.70
Drew Brees201765.65
Drew Brees200865.65
Joe Montana198365.65
John Elway199865.64
Elvis Grbac199565.58
Alex Smith201765.57
Ken Anderson198265.51
Jeff George199965.47
Phil Simms199065.44
Roger Staubach197665.41
Matt Schaub200965.38
Steve Grogan198265.38
Aaron Rodgers201065.25
Peyton Manning200765.19
Jim Kelly199165.07
Neil Lomax198465.07
John Elway198765.04
Tom Brady200965.00
Jim Harbaugh199564.98
Brian Sipe197864.98
Daryle Lamonica197064.92
Tony Romo200664.89
Craig Morton197764.86
Ben Roethlisberger201464.79
Billy Kilmer197164.79
Charley Johnson197464.65
Dak Prescott201664.60
Ben Roethlisberger201064.58
Tom Brady201764.57
Philip Rivers201764.56
Craig Morton196964.40
Fran Tarkenton196964.39
Drew Brees201364.36
Trent Green200264.36
Jim Hart197564.35
Rich Gannon200264.32
Fran Tarkenton196864.31
Brett Favre199764.20
Brett Favre200764.18
Brad Johnson199964.09
Wade Wilson198864.08
Don Horn196964.05
Terry Bradshaw197764.04
Michael Vick201063.99
Dan Fouts198063.99
Scott Mitchell199563.97
Doug Flutie199863.95
Steve Beuerlein199963.94
Mark Brunell199763.90
Tom Brady201263.75
Terry Bradshaw198163.75
Robert Griffin201263.73
Tony Romo200763.72
Joe Montana198563.71
Bobby Hebert199263.67
Jake Plummer200563.63
Carson Wentz201763.61
Boomer Esiason198963.60
Joe Montana198263.60
Doug Williams198163.54
Vince Ferragamo198063.51
Rich Gannon200063.50
Jeff Kemp198663.50
Elvis Grbac200063.43
Jim Everett198863.42
Billy Kilmer197563.41
Trent Green200563.40
Jeff Garcia200763.39
Terry Bradshaw197563.39
Fran Tarkenton197063.37
Dan Marino199663.35
Dan Marino199463.35
Mike Tomczak199263.34
Tony Romo201163.32
Troy Aikman199263.32
Brett Favre199663.31
Scott Mitchell199363.30
Chad Pennington200863.27
Mike Livingston197663.21
Dan Marino199263.19
Steve Bartkowski198363.19
Eli Manning201163.14
Daunte Culpepper200363.12
Bob Lee197363.11
Ken Stabler197363.09
Rich Gannon200163.08
Tom Brady200563.07
Jeff Garcia200163.07
Chris Chandler199763.04
Daryle Lamonica197263.04
Peyton Manning201463.02
Russell Wilson201563.00
Danny White198163.00
Lynn Dickey198362.96
Aaron Rodgers201262.83
Ben Roethlisberger200962.81
Archie Manning197862.71
Steve Bartkowski198062.67
Joe Montana199362.64
Jake Plummer200362.55
Matt Ryan201862.52
Carson Palmer200662.42
Philip Rivers201862.38
Jim Hart197762.33
Chris Miller199262.23
Philip Rivers200662.21
Dan Marino198862.17
Steve Young199662.07
Roman Gabriel197162.04
Dan Marino198561.98
Bob Berry197161.98
John Elway199361.95
Trent Green200461.93
Ken Anderson197761.89
Bill Kenney198561.85
Ken Stabler197761.85
John Elway199761.84
Roger Staubach197561.83
Dave Krieg198661.75
Vince Ferragamo198261.74
Joe Montana198161.69
Fran Tarkenton197261.66
Jared Goff201861.63
Bob Griese197861.60
Warren Moon199261.38
Charley Johnson197361.35
Brad Johnson200261.32
Neil O'Donnell199561.28
Kurt Warner200861.26
Dan Marino199161.25
Josh Freeman201061.23
Brett Favre200461.18
Matt Ryan200861.10
Tom Brady200461.10
Mike Livingston197561.09
Craig Erickson199461.06
Tom Brady201561.00
Dan Fouts197960.99
Jim McMahon198560.97
Joe Montana199060.93
Jeff George199760.92
Marty Domres197260.91
Russell Wilson201360.83
Boomer Esiason199360.81
Bernie Kosar198660.81
Joe Montana198860.72
Steve Bono199160.70
Donovan McNabb200960.69
Eli Manning200960.69
Greg Landry197660.66
Terry Bradshaw197960.64
Bill Kenney198760.61
Richard Todd198260.61
Jim Zorn197960.61
Bill Nelsen196960.58
Ben Roethlisberger200460.54
Vinny Testaverde199660.47
Kirk Cousins201660.46
Drew Brees201260.38
Warren Moon198960.35
Peyton Manning200860.33
Steve McNair200160.28
Vinny Testaverde199360.22
Aaron Brooks200360.19
Jeff Hostetler199360.15
Joe Theismann198260.14
Byron Leftwich200560.11
Vinny Testaverde199560.06
Bill Munson197460.04
Case Keenum201760.00
Neil Lomax198860.00
Jim Kelly199259.97
Roman Gabriel197059.97
Dan Marino199559.94
Troy Aikman199459.91
Phil Simms199359.83
Tony Eason198459.77
Gus Frerotte199659.75
Scott Hunter197759.75
Matthew Stafford201759.74
John Elway199559.72
Phil Simms198759.67
Andrew Luck201459.66
Bill Nelsen197059.65
Brian Sipe197659.63
Bill Munson196859.59
Kerry Collins200259.57
Matthew Stafford201159.56
Don Strock197859.56
Charley Johnson197259.55
Jake Plummer200459.54
Dave Krieg198359.54
Tony Eason198659.53
Tony Romo200859.50
Marc Bulger200659.49
James Harris197559.47
Brad Johnson199659.42
Matt Ryan201259.41
Aaron Rodgers201659.39
John Hadl197159.35
Mark Brunell199859.34
Mark Rypien198859.34
Matt Schaub200859.33
Ben Roethlisberger200759.32
Jeff George199559.24
Brett Favre199459.24
Russell Wilson201259.23
Sean Salisbury199259.22
Edd Hargett197059.19
Joe Ferguson198159.18
Jim Hart197859.16
Russell Wilson201859.14
Danny White198259.10
John Brodie196859.10
Bobby Hebert198759.04
Joe Montana198659.04
Ken Anderson197659.04
Joe Namath197359.04
Billy Joe Tolliver199858.99
Bob Griese197458.97
Steve Spurrier197258.96
Matt Schaub201058.91
Drew Brees201658.89
Derek Carr201658.89
John Elway199658.89
Dan Pastorini197858.88
Craig Morton198158.86
Dan Marino199058.84
Drew Brees201558.74
Ben Roethlisberger201758.73
Jake Delhomme200558.71
Joe Montana199458.69
Joe Ferguson197958.68
Dan Marino199758.67
Jeff Hostetler199158.58
Matt Hasselbeck200358.56
Matt Cassel201058.55
Terry Bradshaw198258.52
Ryan Fitzpatrick201458.51
Bill Kenney198458.50
Jake Delhomme200858.47
Gus Frerotte200058.46
Matt Ryan201158.38
Gary Danielson198058.38
Marc Bulger200558.33
Cam Newton201558.29
Jim Plunkett198658.26
Steve Grogan198358.26
Rich Gannon199958.23
Pete Liske197158.23
Joe Theismann197958.21
Steve Walsh199158.17
Tom Brady201858.16
Steve Young199558.16
Edd Hargett197158.16
Matt Ryan201758.14
Norm Snead196758.14
Aaron Rodgers200858.13
Archie Manning197958.13
Lynn Dickey198458.11
Bob Griese197658.05
Steve Grogan197958.03
Erik Kramer199858.02
Jim Zorn198158.00
Dan Fouts197458.00
Marcus Mariota201657.99
Tom Brady201457.99
Gary Hogeboom198757.97
Matt Hasselbeck200257.96
Neil Lomax198357.96
Sonny Jurgensen196857.95
Marc Bulger200457.93
Bernie Kosar199157.90
Jim Zorn197857.90
Ron Jaworski197957.87
Kurt Warner200757.85
Jim McMahon198757.85
Sean Salisbury199357.82
Ken Anderson197257.80
Jay Cutler200857.70
Matt Hasselbeck200757.69
Bill Kenney198357.68
Drew Bledsoe199757.67
Ben Roethlisberger201257.65
Jim Kelly198957.63
Doug Williams198857.62
Steve Grogan197857.62
Kirk Cousins201557.59
Tyrod Taylor201557.59
Mark Brunell200657.59
Chris Miller199157.59
Neil Lomax198757.58
Jeff Kemp198457.56
Dan Fouts198457.54
Joe Namath197457.51
Bob Berry197257.51
Jay Schroeder198657.48
Randy Johnson197357.38
Neil O'Donnell199257.35
Jim Everett199457.33
Dan Marino198957.28
Steve Grogan197757.18
Donovan McNabb200557.17
John Hadl197057.16
Craig Morton197857.14
Kurt Warner200957.13
Colin Kaepernick201357.12
Jeff Blake199457.12
Jeff Garcia200857.10
John Elway198657.08
Warren Moon199557.07
Chad Pennington200456.99
Vince Young200956.96
Stan Humphries199456.87
Greg Landry197256.84
Ben Roethlisberger201556.80
Tom Brady200356.80
Ken Stabler197956.73
Dan Fouts197656.73
Aaron Rodgers201856.72
Warren Moon199156.72
Jim Harbaugh199456.70
Jay Cutler200756.65
Peyton Manning201056.60
Jim Everett199556.60
Jameis Winston201756.57
Mark Brunell199956.57
Tom Brady200656.51
Joe Montana198056.49
Brian Griese200456.46
Derek Anderson200756.40
Ben Roethlisberger201656.33
Mark Rypien199056.33
Peyton Manning200256.29
Steve DeBerg198756.28
Marc Wilson198756.26
Terry Bradshaw198056.26
Tony Romo201356.25
Kyle Orton201056.24
Brett Favre199256.24
Kerry Collins199656.18
Mark Brunell199656.18
Randall Cunningham199056.18
Sonny Jurgensen196956.16
Drew Bledsoe199856.14
Joe Theismann198456.11
Jim Everett199056.10
Joe Flacco201056.09
Ben Roethlisberger201856.08
Donovan McNabb200756.04
Cam Newton201255.99
Philip Rivers201155.99
Warren Moon199755.98
Dave Krieg199255.96
Brett Favre199855.95
Drew Bledsoe199655.94
Bernie Kosar198855.92
Jay Schroeder198555.92
Brett Favre200355.89
Scott Brunner198255.87
Jim Kelly198655.85
Richard Todd198155.82
John Brodie196955.75
John Elway199455.74
John Brodie197155.68
Troy Aikman199155.67
Jake Delhomme200455.66
Drew Brees200555.64
Ken O'Brien198655.61
Matt Schaub200755.60
Danny White198355.58
Michael Vick200255.56
Mark Brunell200555.54
Jim Zorn197755.53
Russell Wilson201455.51
Kurt Warner200555.51
Jeff Garcia200255.48
Jeff George199455.48
Eli Manning201255.45
Pat Haden197855.45
Norm Snead197555.42
Donovan McNabb200855.41
Kordell Stewart200155.40
Kerry Collins200055.40
Peyton Manning200155.39
Ray Lucas199955.38
Drew Brees201455.37
Jim Everett199255.36
Andrew Luck201855.34
Eric Hipple198155.29
Carson Wentz201855.25
Andrew Luck201655.23
Ben Roethlisberger201155.15
Stan Humphries199255.15
Steve McNair199955.13
Charley Johnson196955.13
Deshaun Watson201855.12
Carson Palmer200755.12
Ty Detmer199655.10
Russell Wilson201755.08
Drew Brees200755.07
Jake Plummer200155.06
Jay Fiedler200255.05
Matt Ryan201055.03
Brad Johnson199755.03
Michael Vick201154.97
Kyle Orton200954.97
Matt Ryan201454.96
Troy Aikman199954.94
Ken Anderson198354.93
Mark Malone198554.91
Jack Trudeau198754.87
Steve McNair200254.84
Archie Manning198054.78
Phil Simms198554.77
Dave Krieg198454.74
Warren Moon199454.71
Joe Flacco201454.69
Matt Schaub201254.68
Doug Williams198054.68
Jim Kelly198854.67
Steve McNair200054.66
Jim Kelly198754.65
Warren Moon198754.64
Jon Kitna200354.63
Phil Simms198454.63
Neil O'Donnell199854.62
Eli Manning201454.61
Jeff Garcia200354.61
Bubby Brister199354.61
Mark Brunell200254.57
Steve Beuerlein199354.54
Jim Plunkett197454.54
Elvis Grbac199954.53
Johnny Unitas197254.47
Roger Staubach197454.46
Doug Williams197854.45
Jake Delhomme200354.39
Jeff Hostetler199454.39
Matthew Stafford201354.38
Joe Flacco200954.35
Sonny Jurgensen197354.35
Phil Simms198854.34
Don Majkowski198954.32
Brad Johnson200554.28
Danny White198554.28
Chris Chandler199954.21
Gus Frerotte199954.19
Billy Kilmer196954.13
Eli Manning201554.07
Charlie Batch199954.06
Bill Munson197354.04
Kirk Cousins201754.04
Jeff Blake199553.98
Steve Bartkowski198153.97
Rodney Peete199253.96
Steve Pelluer198853.96
Steve McNair200553.95
Rodney Peete199053.93
Boomer Esiason198753.93
Jim Hart197053.93
Billy Kilmer197753.91
Bernie Kosar198953.86
T.J. Rubley199353.82
Doug Williams198253.81
Tommy Maddox200253.78
Bobby Hebert198853.78
Daryle Lamonica197153.77
Cody Carlson199253.75
Bobby Hebert198953.75
Jay Cutler201553.71
Joe Flacco201253.70
Gary Danielson197853.70
Seneca Wallace200853.68
Rich Gannon199153.67
Jim Kelly199353.65
Baker Mayfield201853.57
Steve Beuerlein198953.55
Troy Aikman199653.54
Jeff Hostetler199253.53
Al Woodall197353.52
Steve DeBerg197953.50
Wade Wilson198753.48
Steve DeBerg198353.47
Ken Anderson197953.47
Joe Gilliam197453.47
Neil O'Donnell199353.46
Jim Kelly199553.45
Donovan McNabb200253.44
Drew Bledsoe200253.42
Jeff Garcia199953.41
Brian Sipe198353.41
Jim McMahon199153.40
Steve DeBerg199153.39
Ben Roethlisberger201353.37
Jay Cutler201153.34
Jim Harbaugh199253.31
Tony Romo201253.30
Chris Chandler199553.30
Charlie Batch199853.27
Andy Dalton201353.26
Donovan McNabb200153.25
Gary Cuozzo197053.24
Steve Grogan198753.23
Matthew Stafford201653.22
Brett Favre200253.22
Kerry Collins200853.20
Matt Cassel200853.20
Stan Humphries199553.18
Steve DeBerg198953.18
Steve McNair200653.17
Tommy Kramer198253.13
Jim Harbaugh199053.11
Danny White198053.11
Matt Robinson197853.11
Alex Smith201153.09
Steve Grogan198053.06
Aaron Brooks200253.01
Andy Dalton201653.00
Tony Banks199952.99
Gus Frerotte199752.99
Joe Theismann198152.99
Chris Chandler200152.98
Gary Danielson198452.98
Russell Wilson201652.96
Eli Manning200852.94
Bart Starr196952.92
Trent Dilfer199752.87
Josh Freeman201252.86
Mark Rypien199252.84
Brad Johnson200352.83
Jay Schroeder198752.83
Joe Ferguson197852.83
Mark Brunell200052.79
Johnny Unitas197052.78
Sam Bradford201352.77
Jay Fiedler200152.76
Tom Brady201352.72
Don Meredith196752.72
Jeff Blake199652.71
Jay Cutler201352.69
Jon Kitna199952.66
Matt Hasselbeck200452.63
Cam Newton201152.61
Bobby Hebert199352.61
Steve McNair199852.59
Phil Simms198952.59
Blake Bortles201752.56
Eli Manning200552.55
Joe Kapp196952.50
Nick Mullens201852.48
Tommy Kramer198152.47
Kordell Stewart199752.46
Rich Gannon199852.45
John Elway198452.44
Kerry Collins200552.43
Steve Walsh199452.43
Sam Bradford201652.42
Dan Marino199852.42
Brian Sipe197952.41
Trent Green199852.40
Bob Avellini197752.39
Ken Stabler197552.38
Jeff Blake199952.37
Alex Smith201552.33
Andrew Luck201352.31
Philip Rivers201452.29
Roman Gabriel197252.28
Eli Manning201052.26
Jim Plunkett197352.25
Tom Brady200252.22
Carson Palmer201152.21
Richard Todd197752.21
Jim Plunkett197152.21
Drew Brees201052.20
Dave Krieg199352.17
Josh McCown201552.15
Mitchell Trubisky201852.13
Steve Bartkowski198452.10
Scott Mitchell199752.09
Jim McMahon198252.08
Steve Beuerlein199852.07
Fran Tarkenton197752.06
Virgil Carter197052.03
Jon Kitna201052.01
Roman Gabriel197552.01
Dan Pastorini197452.00
John Elway199151.97
Tom Brady200151.95
Ken Anderson198451.94
Warren Moon198451.89
Steve DeBerg198451.88
Roman Gabriel196851.88
Joe Ferguson198051.87
Bubby Brister199051.86
Jim McMahon198851.85
Kirk Cousins201851.83
Chris Miller199051.83
Carson Palmer201251.80
Boomer Esiason199451.80
Philip Rivers201551.79
Chris Miller198951.79
Kerry Collins199951.77
Randall Cunningham199251.74
Mark Herrmann198551.73
Donovan McNabb200351.70
Alex Smith201651.69
Alex Van Pelt200151.64
Jim Harbaugh199751.60
Chris Chandler199251.60
Steve Bartkowski198251.60
Jim Kelly199451.59
Ryan Fitzpatrick201551.58
Ken O'Brien199051.57
Byron Leftwich200451.50
Kerry Collins200151.50
Alex Smith201351.47
Bobby Hoying199751.47
Drew Bledsoe200551.46
Jim Plunkett198251.46
David Garrard200951.44
Ron Jaworski197851.44
Derek Carr201751.42
Dan Pastorini197751.41
Elvis Grbac199751.40
Ron Jaworski198551.39
Richard Todd197951.39
Vince Ferragamo198351.37
Jake Delhomme200651.35
Kurt Warner200451.31
Philip Rivers200751.30
Trent Edwards200851.29
Matthew Stafford201551.26
Jeff George199351.25
Norm Snead197051.24
Brian Griese200251.22
Brett Favre200051.20
Steve DeBerg198851.14
Billy Kilmer197651.14
Jameis Winston201551.13
Norm Snead196951.13
Ron Jaworski198151.12
Ken O'Brien198751.11
Ken O'Brien199151.08
Neil Lomax198551.07
Neil O'Donnell199151.06
Bert Jones198151.06
Randall Cunningham198851.03
Jeff Blake200051.02
Bernie Kosar198550.99
Drew Bledsoe199450.96
Aaron Rodgers201750.93
Randall Cunningham198750.93
Steve Ramsey197650.93
Josh McCown201750.92
Ken O'Brien198850.92
Dave Krieg198750.90
Shane Matthews199950.89
Bert Jones198050.86
Steve Bono199550.85
Drew Stanton201450.84
Alex Smith201450.83
Jeff Hostetler199550.83
Daunte Culpepper200150.82
Doug Flutie199950.81
Jim Plunkett198350.81
Mike Tomczak199650.79
Brian Hoyer201550.73
Troy Aikman199750.70
Shaun Hill200850.68
Stan Humphries199650.68
Jim Hart197150.66
Craig Morton198050.62
Ron Jaworski198250.61
Sage Rosenfels200750.60
Dieter Brock198550.58
Philip Rivers201650.56
Brian Griese199950.55
Derek Carr201550.53
Steve Spurrier197550.49
Ron Jaworski198350.48
Matt Ryan201550.47
Neil O'Donnell199450.44
Chad Pennington200650.43
Steve DeBerg198550.42
John Elway199050.39
Joe Ferguson197450.35
Billy Volek200450.34
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Jim Plunkett197750.18
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Bob Berry197050.15
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Dan Pastorini197650.14
Marc Bulger200350.07
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Chad Pennington200349.99
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Matt Hasselbeck201149.88
Mike Tomczak199949.87
Ty Detmer199749.86
Johnny Unitas196949.86
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David Garrard200649.83
Brett Favre199949.83
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Craig Morton197949.76
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Dave Krieg198549.70
Erik Kramer199149.69
Phil Simms198649.69
Dak Prescott201849.68
Jameis Winston201849.67
Mark Sanchez201449.67
Kerry Collins201049.67
Lynn Dickey198149.67
Joe Theismann198049.63
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Matthew Stafford201449.39
Drew Bledsoe199949.36
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Aaron Rodgers201549.34
Carson Palmer201749.34
Tyrod Taylor201649.33
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Doug Flutie200149.29
Randall Cunningham199449.26
Eli Manning201849.23
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Jim Harbaugh199649.17
Carson Palmer200949.16
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Joe Namath197049.11
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Terry Bradshaw197648.90
David Garrard201048.88
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Brett Favre200648.84
Erik Kramer199748.82
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Mike Phipps197248.81
Joe Flacco201148.79
Jim Plunkett198448.78
Vinny Testaverde200148.77
Mark Rypien199548.77
James Harris197748.76
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Kent Graham199648.46
Fran Tarkenton197848.44
Marcus Mariota201548.43
Cam Newton201848.42
Colin Kaepernick201648.41
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Jay Fiedler200048.37
Rob Johnson200048.36
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Nick Foles201448.02
Shaun King200048.01
Andy Dalton201747.99
Jay Schroeder198847.97
Jim McMahon198947.94
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Eli Manning201647.61
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Andy Dalton201847.43
Frank Reich199647.43
Jay Cutler201047.42
Joe Flacco201847.41
Dan Marino199947.35
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Stan Humphries199347.29
Mark Sanchez201047.26
Drew Bledsoe200047.26
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Patrick Ramsey200246.81
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Joe Flacco200846.47
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Kyle Orton201446.40
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Dan Fouts197545.37
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Jim Zorn198345.27
Craig Morton196745.26
Jim Hart198145.25
Billy Joe Tolliver199045.20
Ron Jaworski198645.20
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Blaine Gabbert201545.09
Jacoby Brissett201745.01
Bobby Douglass197644.97
Randy Wright198644.94
Jay Cutler201444.93
Marcus Mariota201844.91
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Bucky Richardson199444.86
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Dave Brown199544.84
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Dave Wilson198644.64
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Heath Shuler199444.40
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Cam Newton201744.22
Joe Flacco201544.19
Michael Vick201244.18
Jim Harbaugh199944.18
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Cam Newton201444.06
Pat Ryan198444.02
Mike Pagel198244.02
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Teddy Bridgewater201443.87
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Bobby Douglass197343.87
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Aaron Brooks200543.84
Chad Pennington200743.83
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Matt Hasselbeck200643.66
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Kent Graham199743.49
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Michael Vick200543.45
Tony Eason198543.45
Jim Harbaugh199843.39
Eli Manning201743.38
Bart Starr197043.37
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Cam Newton201643.31
Michael Vick200643.29
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David Whitehurst197943.01
Joe Namath197543.01
David Woodley198242.98
Matt Hasselbeck200142.96
Vinny Testaverde198742.96
Warren Moon198642.95
Brett Favre199342.93
Mike Glennon201342.91
Michael Vick200442.90
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Jeff Blake200342.85
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Richard Todd198342.85
Tom Owen197442.81
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Mark Sanchez201142.74
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Mitchell Trubisky201742.73
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Danny White198742.64
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Dick Shiner196842.63
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Hugh Millen199142.54
Terry Bradshaw197142.49
Ryan Tannehill201342.48
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Joe Pisarcik197842.45
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Jay Cutler201742.34
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Jim Plunkett197642.25
Christian Ponder201242.16
Chuck Long198742.14
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Dan Pastorini198042.14
Joe Ferguson198642.12
Norm Snead197342.12
Bart Starr196742.12
Tim Rattay200442.11
Doug Flutie198842.09
Steve DeBerg198242.08
Doug Johnson200342.02
Matt Hasselbeck201042.00
Vinny Testaverde198942.00
Case Keenum201841.97
Jay Cutler200941.97
Wade Wilson199341.97
Eric Hipple198341.94
Marc Bulger200941.92
Bert Jones197441.91
Rich Gannon199041.89
Bubby Brister198941.88
Mike Livingston197841.88
Terry Bradshaw197441.85
Ken Stabler198041.82
Sam Bradford201041.80
Steve Walsh198941.79
Quincy Carter200141.78
Jake Plummer199741.77
Rob Johnson200141.75
Brett Favre200541.71
Tim Tebow201141.69
Josh McCown200441.68
Drew Bledsoe199541.61
Blake Bortles201641.56
Brandon Weeden201241.51
Lynn Dickey197741.50
Drew Bledsoe200341.48
Brad Johnson200641.47
Tony Banks200041.45
Joe Ferguson198341.42
EJ Manuel201341.37
Jake Plummer200041.34
Chad Henne201341.28
Blake Bortles201841.26
Gary Cuozzo197141.19
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Ryan Tannehill201840.89
Rex Grossman201140.84
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Milt Plum196740.78
Geno Smith201440.77
Jim Zorn197640.75
Joe Theismann197640.70
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Marty Domres197340.62
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Carson Wentz201640.46
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Colt McCoy201040.39
Chad Henne201240.35
Tom Tupa199140.32
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Derek Anderson200840.27
Billy Joe Tolliver199940.21
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Matt Cassel201140.19
Scott Campbell198740.15
Sam Darnold201840.08
Gus Frerotte200840.08
Trent Dilfer199640.08
Kyle Boller200740.05
John Reaves197840.04
Joe Flacco201740.01
Blaine Gabbert201239.97
Steve Spurrier197639.91
Vince Young200739.90
Kyle Boller200539.90
Tim Couch200139.88
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Steve Pisarkiewicz197939.87
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Josh Freeman201139.77
Joey Harrington200639.76
Charlie Batch200039.76
Mark Malone198839.62
Tim Couch199939.54
Jay Schroeder199239.53
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Dan Pastorini197239.48
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Phil Simms197939.46
Case Keenum201639.41
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Jim Everett199339.36
Jeff George199239.35
Jack Thompson198039.35
Rick Mirer199339.32
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Ed Luther198339.03
Pete Liske197038.99
Mike Boryla197538.92
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Billy Joe Tolliver198938.87
David Klingler199338.85
Andrew Luck201538.82
Terry Bradshaw197338.78
Randy Wright198738.75
Sam Bradford201138.74
Anthony Wright200538.74
Tony Banks199838.74
Marc Wilson198638.71
Joey Harrington200338.70
Bobby Douglass197238.68
Ken Stabler198138.67
Brett Favre201038.65
Rodney Peete199538.61
Marc Bulger200838.57
Drew Brees200338.57
Ryan Fitzpatrick201638.51
Billy Kilmer197038.48
Joey Harrington200238.47
Brian Sipe198238.38
Vince Ferragamo197938.33
Phil Simms198038.28
Jim Hart197938.26
Gary Huff197538.26
John Reaves197238.17
Kent Nix196738.17
Matt Cassel200938.13
Kyle Boller200438.13
Dan Fouts197338.11
Matt Schaub201337.99
C.J. Beathard201737.95
Brandon Weeden201337.93
Ken Stabler198337.93
Jon Kitna200137.92
Vinny Testaverde198837.91
Chris Weinke200137.86
Browning Nagle199237.83
Joe Flacco201337.79
Johnny Unitas197137.78
Tom Hodson199037.67
Bert Jones198237.53
Eli Manning201337.38
Richard Todd198437.33
Joe Ferguson198237.32
Gifford Nielsen198337.30
Troy Aikman199037.26
Matt Barkley201637.23
Dan Pastorini197137.23
Troy Aikman200037.22
Archie Manning197137.19
Kyle Boller200337.17
Patrick Ramsey200437.16
Gary Huff197437.16
Jake Plummer200237.08
Dennis Shaw197237.04
Bruce Mathison198536.97
Scott Brunner198336.95
Archie Manning198136.88
Danny Kanell199836.87
David Carr200536.83
Steve Myer197736.83
John Skelton201136.73
Billy Joe Tolliver199436.60
Joe Kapp196836.59
John Hadl197536.56
Marc Bulger200736.54
Lynn Dickey197636.43
Nick Foles201536.33
Oliver Luck198336.32
Ryan Fitzpatrick200936.25
Chad Hutchinson200236.22
Jim Hart196936.17
Rex Grossman200736.03
Neil Lomax198136.03
Trevor Siemian201736.00
Cliff Stoudt198335.88
Craig Morton197635.87
Joe Pisarcik197735.80
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Mark Sanchez201235.77
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Rick Mirer199635.75
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David Klingler199435.67
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Vince Evans198135.47
Archie Manning197435.36
Mark Sanchez200935.19
Rick Mirer199535.16
Mark Brunell200435.11
Bob Berry196835.11
Matt Cassel201235.07
Kordell Stewart199835.02
Christian Ponder201134.99
Bill Troup197834.99
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Joe Ferguson197334.69
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Kordell Stewart199934.50
Stan Humphries199034.41
Vinny Testaverde199134.27
Kellen Clemens200734.11
Gary Huff197734.10
Trent Dilfer199534.09
Geno Smith201333.99
Marc Wilson199033.95
Donald Hollas199833.80
Jack Trudeau198633.79
Steve Spurrier196933.76
Brock Osweiler201633.73
Peyton Manning201533.70
Terrelle Pryor201333.70
Craig Whelihan199733.69
Mark Rypien199333.69
Rodney Peete199333.57
Jeff Rutledge198733.44
Randy Wright198833.23
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Joe Kapp196732.18
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Joe Ferguson198431.82
Matthew Stafford200931.72
Kyle Orton200531.63
Ryan Leaf200031.53
Jeff Komlo197931.53
Terry Bradshaw197031.46
Kordell Stewart200331.45
Blaine Gabbert201131.39
David Carr200231.29
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Mike Phipps197331.05
A.J. Feeley200430.95
Boomer Esiason199230.93
Steve DeBerg197830.75
Mark Malone198730.71
Mike Phipps197430.60
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Brett Hundley201730.45
Jerry Tagge197430.38
Jim Plunkett197230.27
Joe Theismann198530.17
Randall Cunningham198630.16
Rusty Hilger198830.12
Craig Whelihan199830.09
Jake Delhomme200930.07
Kerry Collins199730.07
Akili Smith200030.05
Steve Fuller197930.01
Ron Vander Kelen196729.88
Dan Pastorini197329.83
Jack Concannon196929.79
DeShone Kizer201729.78
Blake Bortles201429.29
Jim Plunkett198129.25
Scott Brunner198129.19
Jake Plummer199928.59
Stan Gelbaugh199227.54
Mike Taliaferro197027.48
Bobby Douglass197127.06
Randy Johnson196726.63
Randy Johnson196826.52
Jimmy Clausen201026.30
Archie Manning197526.25
Andrew Walter200625.84
Marty Domres197425.64
Josh Rosen201825.47
Terry Hanratty196925.38
Joe Namath197624.92
Wade Wilson198424.77
Eric Hipple198224.41
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Joe Pisarcik197921.80
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Jared Goff201620.32
JaMarcus Russell200920.14
Richard Todd197619.86
Joe Kapp197018.67
Greg Landry196917.85
Bobby Douglass196917.81
Scott Bull197817.23
Bobby Hoying199815.76
Bob Lee197415.73
Kim McQuilken19769.01