The Cam Reddish Conundrum

Rob Kinnan / USA TODAY Sports

With the NBA regular season coming to a close and the NBA playoffs right around the corner, the 14 teams that won’t make the playoffs will be finishing their draft evaluations in preparation for the draft on June 20th. There are many prospects coming out of college that look rock solid and NBA ready. However, Cam Reddish has emerged as the most hit-or-miss prospect in the draft by far, thus leaving many potential suitors at a quandary.

Reddish has been an enigma since he first entered the college scene. He has shown flashes throughout the season that he can be a major deep threat while also providing great and reliable defense on the other end of the floor. He has exemplified this in his performance on January 12th against Florida State in which he scored 23 points (with Zion Williamson injured for the majority of the game) and hit the game-winning three-pointer to give Duke a 14-1 record.

Expectations were high for Cam Reddish coming out of high school as a 5-star recruit and ranked third in the nation by ESPN. This past season, he averaged a disappointing 13.5 PPG on a dismal 35.6 FG%. However, there were several games in which he scored 20-plus points on a decent FG%. With teammates like R.J. Barrett and Zion Williamson, who were also top three in the nation coming out of high school and projected top-5 picks in the upcoming NBA Draft, it’s hard to stand out. But I believe that Reddish proved enough in college to be a lottery pick in the draft.

Reddish’s 6’8’’ frame makes him the prototypical build for a 3-and-D wing player. He’s a very streaky shooter and can catch fire in an instant, but there were games this past season in which he was ice cold. In fact, there were several stretches during the season in which he had a sub-50 FG%. These stretches are to blame for his poor total FG% for the season.

Even though his season statistics show that he isn’t NBA ready, I do believe that Reddish has the potential to be a great NBA player. In a system with two other ball-dominant players like R.J. Barrett and Zion Williamson, it’s difficult to showcase one’s basketball prowess. Under the right circumstances, I think that Cam Reddish can shine and prove that he belongs in the NBA.

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